SHOR is a low-cost alternative to CERF/CAER (OFA's Eye Registry) for the registration of Siberians who have been checked clear of inheritable eye disease by an ACVO animal eye specialist veterinarian. Upon receipt of a clear ACVO exam report form for a Siberian Husky, the dog will be issued a SHOR number. This number may be used in advertising to indicate unaffected eyes.

PLEASE NOTE: As of April 27, 2008, the price for a dog's initial SHOR registry has increased to $5.00.

The number is comprised of three parts.  For example:   S-5001/05-73 OCNI.

In this example S-5001 is the individual dog's identification number
/05 is the last two digits of the year of the most recently submitted examintion report
-73 is the dog's age in months at the time of the most recently submitted examination report
OCNI As of 1/1/13, the SHCA board approved a motion that all eye exam reports that are "clear," but also have "other conditions suspected as not inherited" marked for one of both eyes be assigned a SHOR number with the letters OCNI added to the number.

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 Siberian Husky Ophthalmic Registry: SHOR