1. Entry must be an American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club registered Siberian Husky (eligible under Chapter 15, Sec. 1 of the AKC Rules Regarding Registration & Dog Shows)
  2. There will be a class for dogs and a class for bitches. At the discretion of Show Chair additional classes may be offered based on the requirements of the Sled Dog Degree Program.
  3. If entered in a class for which full entry was paid, no additional fee will be required to also exhibit in the sled dog class. If not the entry fee to exhibit solely in Sled Dog will be a regular entry fee.
  4. To qualify for entry in the Sled Dog Class the dog must have completed one of the following three requirements:
    1. During the previous racing season, the applicant must complete ten (10) heats on snow with a minimum of four (4) miles per heat or the total miles per season not being less than 48 miles. Of the 48 miles up to 12 miles (25%) can come from Dryland Rig Races but the applicant must complete at least two (2) heats with a minimum of three (3) miles per heat. Dryland races must be on rigs. Rigs used must meet the definition of rig as defined by ISDRA under Dryland Races Rules  All races both snow and dry land must be under the direction of a Recognized Race Giving Organization with rules and recorded results. A Race Season is from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.
    2. Entries who complete five (5) years in competition where the above rules are met shall be automatically qualified for the Sled Dog Class. A certificate of proof may be issued by the Chair of the Working Committee if the 5 years of proof of competition records are sent in.
    3. Entries who have been awarded an SHCA Sled Dog Certificate, either SD, SDX, or SDO, and are additionally eligible for entry in a conformation class at an AKC event, are eligible to compete in the Sled Dog Class.
  5. Spayed or neutered dogs are not exhibited in the Sled Dog Class as required by the American Kennel Club.

A list of the races in which the dog competed, or a copy of the five year certificate or a copy of the Sled Dog Degree must be sent to the Show Secretary when entry is made. Proof of qualification must be available at ringside with one of these shown if challenged.

The Show Secretary shall request the following be provided with each entry to the Sled Dog Class: Each dog's AKC Registered Name, AKC Registered Number, Sex, Race and Date of Race, miles per heat and total miles -- or 5 year proof certificate -- or copy of the Sled Dog Degree.

Registered Name:
 Registration Number: Sex:
Race and Date
Miles per Heat
Total Miles
Copy of 5-year Certificate Enclosed?  Copy of SHCA Sled Dog Certificate Enclosed? 

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