In order to promote the highest ideals among Siberian Husky owners and breeders, and to aim for the continuous improvement of the breed within the framework of the American Kennel Club-approved breed standard, I pledge that:

  1. I will follow the rules of good sportsmanship in all Siberian Husky competition and activities.
  2. I will fully explain to all prospective Siberian Husky purchasers the disadvantages as well as the advantages of owing a Siberian Husky.
  3. I will attempt to help and befriend novice exhibitors, racers, and breeders.
  4. I will keep well-informed in the field of genetics and will work persistently to eliminate hereditary defects from the breed.
  5. I will, before entering into any breeding agreement, carefully analyze the conformations and the pedigrees of the prospective sire and dam, and, in keeping the breed standard clearly in mind, refuse the mating if in my opinion it will not be in the best interest of the breed. If I deny stud service, I will fully explain my reasons to the owner of the bitch.
  6. I will refuse to deal with dog wholesalers or to sell puppies or dogs to pet shops, and will include in all stud contracts an agreement to be signed by the owner of the bitch that no puppies resulting from the mating will be wholesaled or sold to pet shops.

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